Phillip Road Site ruined if rezoned to industrial

Phillip Road Site ruined if rezoned to industrial.

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Phillip Road Site ruined if rezoned to industrial.

The Phillip Road Site is an inappropriate location for industrial development. Phillip Road Site is very close to residential neighborhoods, schools, and recreational parks. For clarification, the Phillip Road Site is also known as the Reason Farms Panhandle. Breathtaking about the Phillip Road Site parcel is the water that flows across this prime farmland via the Pleasant Grove Creek. In fact, the Phillip Road Site is within the Pleasant Grove Creek Watershed.

Residents are deeply concerned about a proposal for industrial development on the Phillip Road Site. Problems with the proposed industrial development include:

– Unhealthy and unsafe environment for children and adults;
– Diesel trucks running amok, causing congestion on Blue Oaks Boulevard, Fiddyment Road, Westbrook, and other residential roadways in the City of Roseville;
– Increased risk of lung cancer due to air pollution in the form of diesel particulate matter (nitrogen oxides);
– Unnecessary exposure to high concentrations of nitrogen oxides that cause asthma, respiratory infections, and diseases such as pulmonary edema, pneumonitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, emphysema, and possibly methemoglobinemia;
– Serious safety concerns for kids and seniors walking, biking, and running throughout the City of Roseville;
– Declining residential property values due to proximity of proposed industrial park;
– Noise;
– Vibration;
– Hazardous materials; and
– Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Concerned Roseville residents are outraged by Panattoni’s proposed industrial “park” and trucking center on the Phillip Road Site.

poses higher cancer risks, bunch of pulmonary diseases

Jeremy Sookhoo

“there will be a groundswell”…”there’s a lot more people affected than the people in the neighborhood nextdoor”

Daniel Chad

“As a resident of Roseville I don’t understand why the City didn’t stop this project when the draft EIR first came out … (Panattoni’s proposed industrial park and trucking center) is not consistent with the City’s strategic plan and vision”

Arlene Starrh

“we don’t want a trucking center in the area that we envision our children riding their bikes to school”

Casey Mathews

Say NO to traffic and bad jobs!

In summary, absurd is the proposal to rezone the Phillip Road Site to become an industrial park. For the Panattoni Development Company to put lipstick on a pig by calling an industrial park an innovation center does not help.

If City of Roseville Councilmembers were to rezone to industrial the Phillip Road Site, Roseville residents would be harmed by significant adverse impacts. Indeed, warehousing and distribution comes along with industrial rezoning. As a result of hordes of diesel trucks spewing diesel particulate matter and congesting our roads, Roseville residents would suffer a degraded quality of life.

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Phillip Road Site ruined if rezoned to industrial.

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