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Teamsters Help Community Save Park From Being Turned Into an Amazon Warehouse

Say NO to traffic and bad jobs!

Striking similarities between Panattoni’s proposed industrial development in Long Island, New York and Panattoni’s proposed industrial development here on the Phillip Road Site in Roseville, California.
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Governor Kathy Hochul is a hero!  


Roseville residents share concerns about proposed business park, urge the City to rethink and not do it

Winding Creek is a community in West Roseville that – once complete – will include more than 2,000 new homes and apartments. The 500-acre Winding Creek community will also include an elementary school, four parks, and a retail center among other trails and protected land. The city of Roseville gave ABC10 a list of resources residents can use to stay informed on what is going on in the area:

Roseville homeowners concerned about proposed industrial park

Homeowners are concerned about traffic from trucks that could be part of an industrial park. Mace also says air quality is a concern because the project wouldn’t be near a major highway.
“Trucks come with diesel pollution and there’s risks of exposure to the pollution and the emissions from those trucks and these roads cut right through all of these industrial places,” Mace said. Jesus Arechiga also lives in Winding Creek and his house backs right up to the proposed lot. This is why we bought here because we were away from the city next to a lot of open space, a trail and a creek. It’s Winding Creek. I want my kids to grow up riding bicycles, that’s not going to happen next to 18-wheelers,” Arechiga said.

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