About Us

Save Reason Farms is a grassroots organization helping to advance the City of Roseville’s plan to intelligently manage growth, control traffic, and minimize congestion and pollution for the benefit of all citizens in Roseville and neighboring cities.

Our Vision

Our goal is to prevent industrial development and a trucking distribution center adjacent to residential neighborhoods. We are in favor of smart growth, conservation, and recreational uses of Reason Farms to ensure a safe and healthy environment for residents of the City of Roseville and Placer County.

Our Mission

We aim to stop industrial development on Reason Farms, and we encourage industrial development in an appropriate location close to an existing freeway system. Like our fellow Roseville residents, we also want to prevent congestion on Blue Oaks Boulevard, Fiddyment Road, Westbrook, and other residential roadways, establish alternate routes and reasonable limits for truck traffic, protect the water that flows through the Reason Farms Panhandle parcel, safeguard our ecological parks, and prevent land misuse that would pollute our environment.

We love Roseville. Together let’s keep Roseville a lovely place for current and future generations.

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