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California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) comment letter to City of Roseville Development Services – Planning, dated August 10, 2021

CDFW is California’s Trustee Agency for fish and wildlife resources and holds those
resources in trust by statute for all the people of the State (Fish & G. Code, §§ 711.7,
subd. (a) & 1802; Pub. Resources Code, § 21070; CEQA Guidelines § 15386, subd.
(a).). CDFW, in its trustee capacity, has jurisdiction over the conservation, protection,
and management of fish, wildlife, native plants, and habitat necessary for biologically
sustainable populations of those species (Id., § 1802.). Similarly, for purposes of CEQA,
CDFW provides, as available, biological expertise during public agency environmental
review efforts, focusing specifically on projects and related activities that have the
potential to adversely affect fish and wildlife resources.

CDFW may also act as a Responsible Agency under CEQA. (Pub. Resources Code, §
21069; CEQA Guidelines, § 15381.) CDFW expects that it may need to exercise
regulatory authority as provided by the Fish and Game Code. As proposed, for
example, the Project may be subject to CDFW’s lake and streambed alteration
regulatory authority. (Fish & G. Code, § 1600 et seq.)

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