General Information Memorandum dated February 9, 2009


In 2004 the City of Roseville purchased a 1,700 acre property known as Reason Farms generally located northwest of the City limits. The property was purchased to secure a site to mitigate the City’s cumulative flood impacts on downstream communities within the Pleasant Grove Watershed. The final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the project was certified in January 1993.

Since the basin will remain dry the majority of the time, the City’s Parks Department developed a conceptual design for compatible recreational features within the basin. The uses identified in the conceptual design were developed to provide a maintenance funding source for both the recreational features of the basin and the flood control aspects.

As detailed in the October 9, 2008 GIM (attached), Placer County has insisted that the Reason Farms property be identified as a conservation area in the Placer County Conservation Plan (PCCP). Since inclusion of the property in the PCCP could significantly impact the City’s ability to construct both the retention basin and the recreation features, staff has determined that annexation of the property is preferable at this time. Annexation of the property will provide the City more certainty for both these projects since the PCCP does not apply to City owned property.

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