Phillip Road Site, formerly Roseville Industrial Park (File #PL21-0193)

Phillip Road Site, formerly Roseville Industrial Park, is an inappropriate location for industrial development.

This Roseville industrial development project was supposedly scrapped. However, the exclusive contract between the Panattoni Development Company and the City of Roseville remains in effect. Therefore, the possibility that the City of Roseville might rezone to industrial the Phillip Road Site remains a huge concern for Roseville residents.

The City of Roseville has stated:

“The proposed project is in very early stages of the public process and is subject to change. No action has been taken by City Council.”

Source: Proposed Phillip Road Site – City of Roseville

“No action has been taken by the City Council”?

Well, “no action” seems inaccurate considering that, on March 3, 2021, the City of Roseville entered into an exclusive Option and Purchase and Sale Agreement with Panattoni Development Company (PDC Sacramento LPIV, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company) relating to the Phillip Road Site parcel. And, that exclusive agreement was extended for an indefinite period of time as a result of a Second Amendment to the Option and Purchase and Sale Agreement with PDC Sacramento LPIV, LLC.

Looming Threat that City Considers Rezoning Phillip Road Site to Become Industrial

Location: 6382 Phillip Road, Roseville, California 95747 (Placer County)

Coordinates: 38°48’9.5″N 121°23’48.2″W 

CEQA SCH Number: 2021070186

Panattoni Development Company proposes to purchase and develop a property in the City of Roseville with a range of industrial uses, including light manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution uses (totaling up to 2,430,000 square feet [sf]) and a potential electrical substation south of Pleasant Grove Creek. Up to 15 buildings would be constructed, ranging in size from approximately 80,000 sf to approximately 300,500 sf and connected by a bridge across Pleasant Grove Creek. At buildout, there would be approximately 1,938 employees. Construction of Phase 1 would likely begin in spring/summer 2023 and be complete by early 2024; the timing of future phases will be determined based on market readiness and tenant demand.

ABC local news has been covering this story since Roseville residents become aware of the major problems that would come along if the Phillip Road Site were rezoned to be industrial.

Currently, the Phillip Road Site is farmland zoned as Public/Quasi-Public.

Developer to work on proposal for Roseville’s Philip Road site |

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