COUNCIL COMMUNICATION | Meeting Date: 11/20/2019

The City-owned parcel at 6382 Phillip Road is underutilized and there are no current identified future needs for this property. Accordingly, the property is not necessary for the City’s use. See Attachment 1 for a map of the property. Sale of underutilized properties can generate quality developments that result in new businesses, jobs and amenities and help fulfill the City’s goal of economic sustainability.

The property at 6382 Phillip Road is referred to as the Reason Farms Industrial Site and is an approximately 237.26-acre (with 182 developable acres) greenfield vacant parcel, located north of a planned six-lane arterial (extension of Blue Oaks Boulevard, west of Westbrook Boulevard). The site is bisected by the planned six-lane regional Placer Parkway.

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Categories: 2019-Nov-20 Surplus Land Act (SLA) Declaration
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