Council Communication relating to Creekview Specific Plan (CSP), dated November 2, 2006

Two of the constraints on the panhandle property are summarized below: • Creek - Pleasant Grove Creek traverses the panhandle in roughly the middle of the site. Additionally, the retention basin project is currently planned to include the construction of a by-pass channel south of the creek channel. Both of these features affect the developable area of the panhandle. Placer Parkway - The Placer County Transportation Agency (PCTPA) is currently conducting Tier 1 environmental review in order to secure future right-of-way for a Placer Parkway alignment. The 1,000-foot Placer Parkway corridor is planned to cross through the panhandle and is shown on the western edge of the panhandle on the attached map. The exact location of the roadway has not yet been established, however the alignment will bisect the site. Placer Parkway will have an influence on the ultimate design of a job center/university campus. A setback adjacent to the Parkway is also planned to buffer it from adjacent land uses. The City is anticipating a buffer of about 100' on either side of the roadway corridor. For planning purposes, it is necessary to continue to show a 1,000' corridor so as not to compromise PCTPA's planning process.

“Reason Farms Panhandle” (237.30 acres) is a portion of the 1,700 acre property known as Reason Farms purchased by the City of Roseville in 2004.

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Categories: Creekview Specific Plan (CSP), dated November 2, 2006
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