Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) comment letter to City of Roseville Development Services – Planning, dated July 14, 2021

The NAHC recommends consultation with California Native American tribes that are traditionally and culturally affiliated with the geographic area of your proposed project as early as possible in order to avoid inadvertent discoveries of Native American human remains and best protect tribal cultural resources. Below is a brief summary of portions of AB 52 and SB 18 as well as the NAHC’s recommendations for conducting cultural resources assessments. Consult your legal counsel about compliance with AB 52 and SB 18 as well as compliance with any other applicable laws.

Mandatory Topics of Consultation If Requested by a Tribe

The following topics of consultation, if a tribe requests to discuss them, are mandatory topics of consultation:

a. Alternatives to the project.
b. Recommended mitigation measures.
c. Significant effects. (Pub. Resources Code §21080.3.2 (a)).

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Categories: Comment Letters About Phillip Road Site (aka Reason Farms Panhandle)
Tags: Tribal Consultation
Author: Sarah Fonseca
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